WOMAN, There is no shame in being YOU


Woman, there is no shame in being you.

No shame in how you walk.

No shame in how you talk.

No shame in how your body moves from side to side to the beat of your own drum.

And those who say there is?

Those who turn their head in disgust?

As you strut and move your hips down the street

Their the ones afraid of their own beat

Afraid of their own truth

Lost under their own disguise

Unsure of their true desires


There is no shame in who you be.

In the desires your body holds.

In the wants she contains.

In the fantasies so wild she giggles in delight as she comes to life.

Woman, there is no shame in the sex you partake,

The rules you dare to break

The men you choose to sleep with.

The women you be with.


There is no shame.

You deserve to take space on this planet.

To roam where you choose to go.

To spit fireballs of YOUR truth and only your truth.

And the ones that cannot bear to hear it?

Listen in.


Your words, your truth, your heart gets a voice.

And she makes a god damn noise.

Feathers are ruffled as She is heard.

Boats rocked as Her stand is made.

Beliefs shaken as Her unwavering truth is declared again and again.


I see you.

I feel you.

I am you.


There is no shame in the life you’ve lived.

No shame in the past you’ve walked.

No shame in the stories you hold.

No shame in words you never let go.

Woman, you are YOU.

And those who can’t handle that

Those who can’t bear your light.

Those who can’t be with your human side.

Woman, they aren’t worthy to walk by you.

I love you but I don’t accept you.

I see you but I can’t meet you.

I hear you but I can’t understand you.


YOUR worthy

YOUR heard

YOUR spoken truth ripples out in to the world rocking boats, ruffling feathers, shaking beliefs because your unwavering truth is what we need.

We aren’t here as calming oceans to soothe boats to shore.

We aren’t here as comforting hands to relax down feathers shaken.

We aren’t here to fix, to appease, to support others


Woman, we are here to be the change.

Woman, we are here to speak up.

Woman, we are here to OWN us.

ALL of us.


Don’t you see?

Dont you see the power in owning you?

Don’t you see the courage in SEEing you?

Don’t you see the strength in BEing you?


There is no shame.

From sex worker to freed.

From self harmer to ignitor.

From victim to empowered

From shamed to expressed


There is no shame in who you are.