BRANDED is the program to amplify your impact, grow your audience & unlock your creativity.


Here's the thing lady, if you're wanting to grow your audience but don't have a clear brand it will feel like you're constantly 'throwing shit at the wall hoping it sticks'


If YOU aren't clear on what you stand for, who you're about, what your brand actually is, how can anyone else be?


How can they know you're the person for them?


BRANDED is all about diving into the tangible & intangible pieces that make up your brand and supporting you in bringing them to life EASILY.


We will dive into what truly makes a magnetic brand and support you to unlock your magnetism for yourself so you attract dream clients, create content with ease & above all feel so LIT UP and EXPRESSED in your business. 

  • You felt CLEARER on your message, your vision, your dream clients & your SPACE

  • You felt INSPIRED, LIT UP & creatively OVER FLOWING 

  • You not only knew how to create things like REELS to grow your impact & audience, but you felt EXCITED to do so

  • You had content - photos, graphics, reels, written posts - that felt SO you, so aligned, so freaking GOOD that you cannot wait to share them

  • You finally knew what had you be unique and how to 'package it up' to stand out online

  • You felt CONFIDENT to show up online in videos

  • You finally had visual branding that truly reflected who you are & felt like HOME

What do I get from BRANDED?

  • Simple 'how to' videos for reels, social media graphics & creating your own visual branding

  • Tools & resources to uncover what makes YOU unique so you can create visuals & content that actually has you stand out online

  • Mindset & tangible hacks to showing up confidently online (in video & overall) 

I'm Lauren, Creator of DARLING DISRUPT STUDIO. I've spent the last few years growing my business online, supporting & working with INCREDIBLE leaders in the online space, being apart of some mega projects & understanding what it takes to have a wildly successful online biz. 


Along the way the 'vehicle' has shifted, pivoted, evolved and changed (as it does) but the what has always remained the same - to support incredible leaders in bringing their visions to life.


I am a bit of an addict for 'figuring shit out' (which I quickly turned into my career) and all of what I teach has been learnt along the way. I bring the pieces you didn't even know were missing together so that vision you hold? Is a reality. 


I'm a mama, a biz owner, a creator & a Woman dedicated to a life of creativity and I'm excited for us to potentially journey together!


Working with Lauren & having the modules and workbooks has really helped me get in to action, learn new things, create a tonnes of clarity around my brand and offerings. 

Hailey Welsh

Virtual Assistant, Affiliate Marketer

If you are struggling to have your brand come to life and/or not feeling confident in showing up online then this course is perfect for you!


Lauren has an amazing way of making complete things fun and simple.


Sky Steele

Multiple Business Owner, Clinicial Psychologist, Mentor For Women


I came into BRANDED not knowing what to expect. I loved diving into how I could express myself online and in reels!


I highly recommend BRANDED to anyone looking to build themselves up; their self image and presence on social media. 

Penny Le Couteur

Thermomix Consultant

BRANDED is for you if....

  • You feel overwhelmed and confused by branding & have no idea where to start with it.

  • You want to jump on the reels train but either don't know how, have resistance to the 'work' it takes (so you think) or constantly feel empty when it comes to ideas

  • You know your social media needs a face lift but aren't ready to invest in a designer or brand strategist

  • You want your brand to stand out online but you don't know how

  • Your creative spark has left the building and you're ready to reignite it so you can be the magnet you truly are

  • You actually don't know what you stand for and the constant 'find your niche' is making you crazy. You want to create a consistent brand without the confusion

  • You're established in your biz (you know what you offer & have clients - either consistent or occasionally) but feel like your visual content doesn't quite 'hit the mark'

  • You're in serious need of someone to make the confusing world of reels, branding & creating your own graphics SIMPLE AF

  • You're not here for the fluff, you want to know what you need to know & have someone short cut the hours of YouTubing you could be doing

BRANDED is like a little branding fire igniter! If you feel a little overwhelmed or stuck around where to start with your brand... this is the place! BRANDED is bite sized and easy to digest on a weekly basis


- Kirsten Severino, Intuitive Kinesiologist


  • Workbooks, prompts, tools, exercises to ignite your creativity, unlock your uniqueness and bring your brand to life