This is for all the 20 something’s wandering through their world questioning what the heck they’re even doing here.

I get it.

I turn 26 in a few weeks and if I have a month go by where I’m NOT questioning what I’m doing with my life then I’m on a roll (and usually the next month I have weekly thoughts of it). These are the top 10 things I’d say to myself and any other 20 somethings right now.

  1. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to BE a certain way and allow yourself to just BE who ever you are in that moment (oh and be ok with THIS being a huge part of the journey, and messy AF at times too)

  2. Give yourself permission to change your damn mind. Hi I’m Lauren and if we haven’t met yet I change my mind less than I change my underwear (because #hygiene) but a lot more than others do. Changing your mind is okay, welcome to being human. It’s the stories we attach to it and WHY we’re changing our mind that is the ‘issue’

  3. Understand that you are only a quarter (if you’re a big dreamer aiming for triple digits like me) of your way through your life and if you DID have it all worked out now…what’s the point of the rest of it?

  4. Everyone elses path is THEIR OWN. If your best friend is getting married and your other best friend is unemployed living at home and you’re in the middle going confused AF as to what you should be doing by now…thats your huge flashing sign to stop looking to others and choose what YOU want to be doing

  5. Shoulds get to be removed from your language. Just kick them off to the side, you don’t need them

  6. Please please please stop looking to social media for the answers

  7. Play with your life and experience it! Anything that intrigues you (and isn’t illegal, although your life & like I said choose ;) ) say yes to it. How will you know if it is or isn’t for you if you don’t?

  8. Have mentors but don’t become them (AHHHH I had to laugh at myself for this one. I’ve been here ALOT and am unlearning it right now). Be YOU and be ok with not knowing who that is yet.

  9. Guess what! Every day you can start again. So if you don’t like who you were yesterday, take a look at why, be honest with yourself, and if it’s just not you choose differently today!

  10. Lastly, give yourself a break. None of us know what we’re doing - we’re all pretending and making it up as we go

With love & a dose of own your humanness

L x