I used to water this part of me down.

Throw five bottles of fabric softener at her.

PRE CHEW her to be digestible.

To have OTHERS feel comfortable. Ok, validated in their smallness.

Now? F U C K that.

With love and a dose of OWN your damn power, it's done.

My smoothing the rough edges does NOTHING for your claiming space, in facts it shrinks the capacity of us both.

So it's done.

Sooooo you're playing small?

Thinking that you're special because you're afraid of being seen and so you dim down.

Hide away.

Pretending you're not good enough to do those things.


We all feel it.

Heck the amount of times lately I've had the BS story of "Who am I too?!"

"Who am I too claim my voice in that way?"

"Who am I too create that thing that's coming through?"

"Who am I too say no to someone who asked to see me?"

"Who am I too change plans"

" Who am I too claim that I get to create spoken word, share my voice and be fucking seen"


Wah wah wah
Play small
Shrink back
Where's that watering jug gone?!?

So I get it.

I GET the playing small
I get the hiding away
I get the deciding that "you're not XYZ enough too"

And I also get that that is just apart of it.

I LOVE those parts of me, just like you get to love on yours too, but come on - you've got to get that THEY DON'T MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR.

Heck I feel they get louder.

You just get better at showing up anyways.

At recognising they exist but still speaking up.

At choosing to be more fucking committed to your voice and LIVING fully self expressed than the BS stories that could keep you small.

Because you get, hey that's apart of being human but to HELL if I'm letting it stop me.

So yeah, who are you too AND who are you not too damn it.

Claim that shit.
Be it.
And it's done.


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Lauren Darlington