This is For the Ones...

This morning as I was riding to my new fave cafe I couldn't help but think - FUCK...this is my life?!

I had just finished a morning of connecting with fucking epic women who I adore, smiling to my cleaner as I left my villa, thanking her deeply for all she does, jumping on my scooter, feeling the bubbling of creation in me (I am jittery with joy to create lately) I couldn't help but FEEL so fucking lit up that THIS is my life.

THIS isn't a holiday.

THIS isn't weird or out of the ordinary

THIS is how I live now.

And I noticed a moment of "I can't share this, what about people who don't live this way? Who think OHHHH that's easy for you to feel that way Lauren you're in Bali?!" So I swiftly wrote this.

Because THIS gets a voice too.

This is for the ones...

This is for the ones who frankly, don’t give a fuck.

Who live a life rebelling against LUCK.

Choose how they feel,

Ignoring the highlight reel

Showing up in all that is.

Never ever settling.

For this life?
They’re never forgetting.

This is for the ones who are WILLING

Willing to be with it all,

Even when it feels so god damn unsure.

And proudly declaring a big fuck you

To anyone

Who tells them to live otherwise.

And, this is for the ones who haven’t yet found their voice.

Who want to feel this way but are lost under the noise

The ideals on who they should be

The ways in which they should lead

The acceptability of that which they are

And not ready to break away too far.

This is for you.

I’ll stand with you.

I’ll stand for you.

I’ll be with it all.

This is a stand, for women and men.

LIVING for them.

A fuck you if you will, for all that is waiting UNTIL....

We’re perfect
We’re smaller
We’re without any flaws
Hiding away, playing so small.

The time is now
We get to stand proud
Scars and all
Hear us fucking roar.

This is for the ones…

This is for you.


Lauren Darlington