You Deserve More

I decided I would gift myself the life I wanted & a BOLD stand for you. 

I've been asked lately "why Bali"

And aside from the initial "why NOT Bali?!" my response has been consistent....

...."because I have chosen to gift myself the life I didn't have"

See, I love the life I've lead.

The last 25 years have been wild.

From traumatic to utterly bliss.

It's been a ride.

But it's not secret that it's been hard.

There's been heart ache, trauma, loss, grief and frankly - statistically the odds weren't in my favour for turning my life around (but I REFUSE to be a statistic)

So I decided to claim that moving forward my life wouldn't be like that anymore.

That that chapter in my life was done.

And god does it feel done.

I get life happens.

And I also get I can choose how I show up in it.

I decided that I was dropping any story that "I couldn't be that, I couldn't have that, I couldn't create that" because why the heck not?!

I decided that I would say yes to everything that nourishes me and a clear hard no to that which doesn't.

I decided that my life got to look however I damn well pleased - because it is my life.

I decided I would do WHATEVER IT TOOK to create it (more on this another day, but seriously doing WHATEVER it takes is a muscle that I am so god damn grateful I grew).

That REGARDLESS of what I believe others may think or say, I show up and do it anyways. Because I am so fucking committed to being a BOLD stand on you living the life you actually want.

Because I have god damn been there.

I've been on the floor of my bathroom more times than I can count wondering how the heck I was going to get up and make it through another day let alone live a life that looked like this?!?

So yes, I WILL share the shit that has me go "fuck is that too selfish, too 'much', too materialistic?"

I WILL share the highs and lows of this lifestyle.

I WILL share the ecstatic pinch myself moments.

I WILL share it god damn all.

Because I am done pretending that your life isn't possible to be changed REGARDLESS of your circumstances so you can feel comfortable hiding away.

D O N E.

You deserve more.

Cheers to THAT.