Be A Stand For You

When did you stop giving yourself permission to just

When you decided all of the things you loved in life were no longer allowed?

When you found a tiny box that you decided you had to spend your life living in?

When did you decide that there was an encyclopedic sized book full of rules you had to follow?

....and, when will you decide to let it all go?

to choose to be fully, utterly, completely YOU?

and to allow Her to change each day as she chooses?

I’m sitting here this morning, journaling about my highest self and how epic She is & how grateful I am that decided to give myself permission to embody her now, and choosing I get to be ME in all my oddness, in all my sassyness, in all my desires, in all my edges; in all my beauty, in all my mess - in all of it.

The level of freedom I’ve experienced within myself in the first few weeks of 2019 is like nothing I’ve ever known in me.

I’ve explored new edges.
I’ve met new depths.
I’ve seen more expression.
I’ve felt more space taken up.
I’ve felt

And it all came from a choice; from deciding that I get to be me, explore Her & express Her in the world REGARDLESS of anything outside of me.

I decided. 
I was a stand for that.
I am a stand for me.

And now, a few weeks into 2019 and I’m the free-est I’ve ever felt, more content in who I am than I’ve ever been & more curious of what my journey gets to continue to be.

and it all began with a choice.

A choice & a big self proclaimed permission slip that Lauren gets to be Lauren.

Whether she’s digestible to the world or not; she’s Lauren.

You get to be you.

Be a stand for you.