You Get to Redefine Yourself

A photo recently came up in my memories and it's amazing that it was only three years ago.

Three years on and I'm back in the same room at my Dads yet a completely different Woman.

Not only did I look different then, I was different.

I was just starting to heal myself.
I was unsure on how my future looked.
I didn't quite know what was next for me.

We had lost my cousin a month or so earlier and I was in a relationship where I didn't yet know how to receive love.

I had recently returned to work a few months before after having time off as I wasn't doing well mentally.

I had vowed to never self harm again and was finding new ways to BE with everything I felt.

It was the beginning in a way.

I redefined who I knew myself as.

And I still get to, regularly.

Now I'm a woman who has the capacity to not only give love but receive it.

Who knows how to support herself on all levels and takes huge responsibility for it.

Who loves on herself especially in the moments when it would be easier not too.

Who can be with the waves of the depths and heights.

I'm now a Woman who just is, gets to be, and becomes.

You get to redefine who you know yourself as, regardless of where you've come from.

I choose to be a stand for that.