I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much can change, and how quickly it can.⁣

From realising how fucking different my life is from only a few months ago to realising how drastically different I am in who I BE, it’s kind of mind blowing. ⁣

I mean only five months ago I was in a ‘stable’ job, getting a loan for a new car, prepping for a comp, talking long term commitments and basically seeking a life of stability to now in under a month being ‘homeless’, packing up to be in Bali in two months, working for myself, creating crazy shit, and feeling so free in who I am. ⁣

I mean THE FUCK!? 😂😂⁣

A few years ago I was so fucking lost⁣
I was hating myself⁣
I was self destructing⁣
I was suicidal⁣
I was a hot mess (and I’m so freaking grateful for it because without it I wouldn’t have the experience of myself I now do) ⁣

I mean now? Jesus I’m a completely different woman.⁣

I’m so clear on who I am⁣
I’m so comfortable expressing all sides of me ⁣
I feel so grounded in my space ⁣
I have so much capacity IN myself 
And I’m truly able to pivot with all that life throws my way.⁣

And I’m sharing this so you get how different life can be.⁣


I have come from less than amazing experiences ⁣
Traumas ⁣
Loss ⁣
Confusion & disconnection on so many levels ⁣

And now I’m ONLY available for deep soul connections⁣
Epic friendships⁣
Wild lush sex ⁣
Conversations that ignite ⁣
Work that feels like play ⁣
And full fucking self expression ⁣

I told myself months ago that I was done with hard and struggle in my life and now life gets to be fucking next level epicness (and even the hard and struggle gets to be epic) and so it is. ⁣

So, decide what it is you want.⁣
Go all fucking in. ⁣
And then buckle up because it’s a wild ride. ⁣

Live ya damn life ✌🏼💥

P.S I say fuck a lot....