I'm Human Too

I still have fears 
Self doubt still rises
Insecurity lingers 
Anxiety hangs out (see all my posts this week) 
I feel ‘too much’ 
I feel self centred 
I share things and then wonder if it was ‘the right thing’ to say 
I contradict myself 
And sometimes I still worry what people will think (which even that contradicts my live I just did)

I’m sharing this so you get that you’re not the only one and it’s actually normal to feel how you do

AND it’s actually not a reason to not do the things you want to in life

If I tried to wait for all of ^^^ to go before I did anything, I’d never get out of bed.

If we spent as much time trying to change the things about ourselves that we decided aren’t okay, as we did on actually LIVING - imagine how different our human experience would be .

Sometimes I feel like we forget that we’re all going through similar things in our own space, all trying to understand this thing called life.

So a reminder today that you can give yourself a damn break, be the badass human that you are and just play with it all. Yep even the human shit.