Celebrate YOU

This is a message to every Woman who has ever tried to shrink herself in the world and every Man who feels he needs to be more.

I see you.
I see you in all your unique beauty.
I see you in all your boldness.
In all your exquisiteness. 
In all you stand for.
In all you hold.
In all you BE.
In all that makes you YOU.

You’re so appreciated for who you are.
Not for how you look or what you wear or how you appear.
For who you are

The need to impress 
To gain approval
To seek acceptance
Isn’t necessary. 
It isn’t required 
It isn’t fulfilling 
YOU need to get you. 
That’s it.

You’re fucking incredible, truly
Do you get that?

My hope is that you do.
That you stop trying to change how you look
Stop trying to control what you eat
Stop trying to fit in 
Stop trying to blend 
To adapt 
To shrink 
To grow

That you celebrate the fucking magnificent woman and man that is YOU.

From a woman who’s spent so many years trying to fit
Trying to shrink
Trying to belong
Trying to change how she looked to avoid being with how she felt

I see you
I feel you
And I want you to see you too.

I feel the pain of humans trying to constantly fucking be anything except who they are.
I feel it today. 
The idea that SOMETHING needs to change about them.
How they look
How they speak
What they like
Who they love

It hurts.

Because we see you, and the idea that you’d ever want to change what makes you you!?? Ouch

It needs to end. And I get it. My heart hurts today for the woman I once was too. Trying to constantly prove something to the world. Trying to become something , when all along I always WAS.

To that woman in me, I love you, THANK YOU, and I see you.

Women, men, we are SO much more than what people see
So much more than how we look
So much more than the space we take in the world

Wear what has you feel fucking exceptional
Express yourself how YOU choose 
Look however lights you up

Just fucking be you.

You’re doing a freaking stunning job at being a human

Friends, celebrate that and you.