BEING The Fire & The Flame

Fire is relentless.
She burns regardless of the world around her.
You hear her.
See her.
Feel her.
You just KNOW she is there.
She is an energy.
A way of being.
Her voice burning through the spaces she chooses.
Leaving a path of her trailing behind. 
The flame is igniting.
She sparks life into things dull.
She fuels energy for things lifeless.
She lights urgency in things stagnant.
She creates the chain of events.
She IS the chain of events.
She IS the affect.
She is powerful.
A woman who embodies the fire and is the flame is a woman empowered.
She IS the flame.
She IS the fire.
She IS the full embodiment of all this means.
She ignites her own empowerment.
Sparks her own creativity.
Lights her own vision.
She is everything she wants to be.
She is it all.
For herself. 
She spits fireballs of truth with no regard for the blazing trail it leaves.
She knows her words are hers.
She knows the voice she has.
She knows the truth she holds.
And nothing can dull that flame. 
A woman of fire, a woman of flame, knows she is power.
She isn’t afraid to see the burn in that.
To see the captivation of being her.
To OWN the uniqueness in who she is.
There is no ignoring her power.
No playing small of her being.
No disregarding her presence. 
For you can’t ignore a forest on fire.
Burning with the scent of passion & purpose.