Saying YES to the Things that Align

Here's what gets to happen when you say YES to the things that you actually feel called to do, AND do whatever it takes to have them happen...YOU REALISE THAT YOU GET TO HAVE, BE AND DO WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT.

I realised today that literally ANYTHING in my life I desire, I have zero doubt I can create.

Move to Bali with zero debt by Feb 2019? DONE
Create (with such damn fun and ease) a thriving VA agency which lights me, my team, and our clients up? DONE
Support epic, visionary, bad ass women in doing the shit they love? DONE
Travel to QLD for an EPIC event with my soul tribe next year? DONE

Literally ANY idea that lands in my heart, and feels good, is as good as done.

Even with having zero fucking idea on how.


Right now as I write this, my bank balance is nowhere near debt free. In fact far from it.


Today I was back in HOLY FREAKING HECK how will I do all the things I've said yes too this month.

And for a few hours it threw me. Like really got me.

And then I realised, heck, it's going to be uncomfortable (that comes hand in hand with all the awesomeness #duhlauren) AND it also doesn't needed to be so damn hard.

I have ZERO doubt that everything I say yes to , everything that feels aligned, everything I see possible IS DONE.

AND I have built this THROUGH saying yes to the things, and taking aligned action to create what I feel called to along the way.

This has been BUILT through showing up
THROUGH deeply freaking trusting
THROUGH taking aligned action

So yes, right now the things I know are as good as done, aren't yet in my physical reality AND I equally know they are still done.

Following me here? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

THAT is what gets to happen when you say yes, and then show up and do the things. You get to know yourself as someone who HAS things happen.

Like Bali on Wednesday (I had ZERO idea on how I'd be in Bali twice in a month, and I go)

Say yes.
Work it out.
Say yes again.
AND show up in the discomfort.

Or don't be willing to do any of it, and then equally don't be willing to sit and complain.