It's All a Part of It

"I'm so deeply, utterly, truly grateful that we were the ones chosen to go through the depths we've emerged from"

What surfaced from a morning spent connecting in with a Soul Sister online.

From sexual abuse, trauma, suicide attempts, years of self harm, grief, loss and complete self destruction, to navigating the pain and being with the heartache. To now be the Woman I am who so boldly speaks her Voice and knows her stand in the world.

Who has a deep knowing there is a bigger reason to it all, that there is something so much bigger at play.

KNOWING with every inch of my being that I was chosen to walk this life for something even I don't yet understand.

Its a gift. It truly is.

Lately I've felt even more deeply rooted in this understanding that nothing in life is a mistake. That everything is rolling into the next thing. That it's all so beautiful, intrinsically connected.

and even (ESPECIALLY) in the moments I don't yet understand it, or the times where I still wonder "what's the purpose of it all" there is always that deep anchoring, deep deep faith and knowing that there truly is a bigger reason.

Something bigger than us is at play, and I for one am grateful to be a vessel for all that is.

Your life was perfectly created for you, what if you chose to see that, to be with that, to embrace that?

What beauty could emerge from even the darkest moments of your journey then...

It's ALL a part of it.