I'm Lauren

I'm Lauren and I'm loyal as fuck.

When I love, I love deep.
When I hold space, I hold intentionally.
When I commit, I go all in. 
And when it no longer serves us, I'm out.

I'm messy at times, chaotic even
My words cut through the bullshit
My vision soars high 
My intentions are clear

I give a shit.
I really give a shit.
And I'll give parts of me, parts others may not
And if they're not respected you'll find the door

I thrive in creation
I am lit up by passion
I am ignited by desires

I get bored in the grey.
I like black and white.
All or nothing.
Balance doesn't excite me.

I have fears of being stuck.
Held down in one space has me fight.
My Soul desires to roam.
She needs more than being locked into anything for too long.

And sometimes I make that wrong. 

I'm Lauren and I'm complex to some.
Unable to be worked out
Unpredictable at times
And yet my loyalty and commitment to myself runs deeper than any roots

And if that gets shared with you, it runs that deep too. 

I often wonder if someone will ever 'get me' 
And at times loneliness is real
I love on myself even deeper then
A love no other can replace 

I'm Lauren and I'm so much and so little all at once
Deep thinker
Intimate lover
Dear Sister

A Woman on a mission
A lover of life
A creator
A conversation starter

And just...Lauren <3